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Anti-Racist Read Alouds

Welcome to our webpage featuring a collection of inspiring anti-racist read-alouds that promote diversity. These captivating readings have been recorded by a diverse group of individuals, including preservice teachers, inservice teachers, instructors, and graduate students.

Through this initiative, we aim to create an inclusive platform that celebrates and amplifies voices from a wide range of backgrounds. By offering diverse perspectives and experiences, we hope to foster a greater understanding and appreciation for the rich tapestry of humanity.

These engaging read-alouds serve as powerful tools to educate, inspire, and spark meaningful conversations about anti-racism and diversity. Each recording has been thoughtfully curated to ensure a wide representation of cultures, ethnicities, and lived experiences.

Welcome to our special collection of engaging read-alouds for young learners in grades K-2! We believe that every child deserves to see themselves represented in the books they read, and that's why we've made it a priority to showcase a wide range of cultures, ethnicities, and experiences in these anti-racist read-alouds. Join us on a journey of exploration, empathy, and celebration of diversity through these captivating stories.


Welcome to our special collection of anti-racist read-alouds designed just for you, our amazing grade 3-4 students! We believe that reading books about subjects you already know something about makes reading easier and more enjoyable. These read-alouds will take you on exciting journeys, while teaching you about diversity, equality, and the importance of treating everyone with kindness and respect. Get ready to embark on a wonderful reading adventure filled with stories that celebrate different cultures and backgrounds!


Welcome to our engaging video collection designed specifically for students in grades 5-6. These videos are focused on creating a classroom community that values and celebrates diversity. We believe that understanding and appreciating our own identities is an important foundation for embracing the unique qualities that make each of us special, starting with our names and backgrounds. Throughout the videos, we explore various aspects of culture and background, including race, as we recognize and appreciate the beauty that exists all around us. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and cultural appreciation as we celebrate the rich tapestry of humanity.

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